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Magic Shows

Why a Magician?

A real Magician can wow and amaze any size crowd.  From a traditional birthday party; to strolling and entertaining many small groups; doing stage show to entertain large crowds; everyone will be thoroughly amazed and extremely entertained.


Is this meant for little kids or big kids?

Cracker Jack and company has truly awe-inspiring performers that can entertain anyone.  Give us a call and we will match your audience with the perfect show for them!  One of our star performers, Mr. CJ is known far and wide for his ability to have everyone in the room cracking up(Even the grumpy uncle that thinks this is a waste of time!)  That being said show can be more customizable and aimed toward an age range, whether it a room full of preschoolers, a middle school carnival, or entertaining those young at heart in our local nursing home facilities.

Can a magician do balloons too?

Yes!  If you would like your magician to twist awesome balloons as well let us know when you book your date, and together we'll figure out how to achieve everything you want for your entertainment.  

*You must let us know prior to the party, since CJ doesn't carry his balloon with him unless he needs them.


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